Маусумбаева А., Кабдрахманова А. Биологиялық материал құрамындағы ауыр металдардың салыстырмалы сараптамасы

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  • Маусумбаева А .


Introductory word about the research topic. Nowadays pollution of the environment is an actualproblem. Because of closely located industrial enterprises, the environment of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk is contaminated with the maximum amount of harmful toxicants of heavy metals. Purpose, main directions and ideas of scientific research. To give a comparative analysis of heavymetals in the composition of biological material in ecologically polluted regions.Carrying out a comparative analysis of heavy metals in ectodermal samples of the population of ecologically polluted regions, it appears that the chemical composition of ectodermal samples is an indicatorof the natural and man-made environment.Brief description of the scientific and practical significance of the work. To determine the level ofmicroelements in the human body, the diagnosis of biological substrates is not only blood and urine, butfull information can also be obtained on the nails.Brief description of the research methodology. To obtain ectodermal specimens, work was carriedout using the method of AV Skalnogo. The analysis of nails is carried out by the method of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), voltampereametric analyzer and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (RFS).Main results and analysis, conclusions of research work. Studies of qualitative and quantitativeanalysis of ectodermal samples of heavy metals in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Taldykorgan cities have beenconducted. The AAS method showed that the lead and cadmium content in the biological substratum ofresidents of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk is higher than that of residents of Taldykorgan.The value of the study. Investigation of accumulated harmful substances in the blood, tissues andurine of a person is not only the diagnosis of hereditary abnormalities, but also for the identification ofoccupational diseases and diseases associated with a polluted environment.Practical significance of the results of the work. Determination of pathological processes for diseaseprevention is the study of the composition of trace elements.Key words: Ectoderm, indicator, toxicants, biological substrates.
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