The results of phenological observations of soybean grown in the laboratory

  • Абдукадирова Ж.А., Қурманбаева М.С. Kazakh state women's teacher training university, Aiteke bi str. 99, Almaty


The paper was given phenological observations Dikovik soybean varieties grown in the laboratory.When growing soybeans in Petri dishes in the laboratory was observed change. In the study, between rootand cotyledons appeared purple hypocotyl. Color varies from root light brown to red–purple. According toobservations of the 10–day experiment in vitro it was determined that the length of hypocotyls of soybeanvarieties Dikovik varies 4,2–8,3sm and cotyledon length of 1.5–1.8 cm, length of the root is 10.5 cm. It wasdetermined that soybean is a heat–loving plants. Phenological observations carried out in the laboratoryfrom the date of sowing the seeds until they are fully grown. The results showed that the growth rate ofsoybean is 90%, and germination– 65%.Key words: Soybean, morphometry, morphology, hypocotyl, germination.
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ҚУРМАНБАЕВА М.С., Абдукадирова Ж.А.,. The results of phenological observations of soybean grown in the laboratory. Eurasian Journal of Ecology, [S.l.], v. 43, n. 2, p. 327-333, jan. 2019. ISSN 2617-7358. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 may 2019.