Geographical names – historical heritage

  • Смагулов А., Акынбеков М., Сағат Н., Жакеева М. al-Farabi Kazakh National university 71 al-Farabi Ave., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan,


Geographical names in all historical stages in human developmenthave special meanings. Historical data is not found, no country withoutgeographical names. Our Kazakhstan is no exception. In this article weconsider the origin of place names of the country and their features.Of course, the level of research in various areas of the country aredifferent from each other. Until now, in some areas to keep the name ofgeographical objects that were given the names of those people who leftlittle impact on the general public, as well as in the northern regions ofKazakhstan to keep the name that had been given to the Russian Empireand the Soviet Union.Such inappropriate names of geographic features on the map must bereplaced with place names that describe the nature of the terrain.Key words: Toponymy, geography, history, etymology
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