Analysis of the ecological-cenotic adaptation of Anthemis trotzkiana Clauspopulations

  • Избастина К.С., Курманбаева М.С., Молдақарызова А.Ж., Базаргалиева А.А., Әметов Ә.Ә., Билкенова А.З., Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


In the article the ecological and biological features of a rare species Anthemis trotzkiana Claus growing under the conditions of the Aktobe region are identified. A biomorphological analysis of the species, studied in three populations, has been conducted; the species were divided into ecological types.In the populations studied, it has been determined that the life forms of the species according to I.G.Serebryakov do not apply to trees and shrubs. Among perennial herbaceous plant species, 55% fromthe 1st population, 63.1% from the 2nd population and 66.6% from the 3rd population are peculiar tothe vegetation cover. It has been clarified that, according to K. Raunkier’s system, sprawling perennialhemicryptophytes prevail in the community of 3 populations. We found that, in terms of humidity, morethan 50% of the composition of all species populations belong to mesoxerophytes.According to the adaptability to the ecological conditions of plant species’soil, obligate and optionalcalcephytescan be found.In the Anthemis trotzkiana Claus studied in all populations,8 obligate calcephytes were found:Anabasis cretacea Pall.,Achillea nobilis L., Anthemis trotzkiana Claus, Crambe tatariaSebeok., Linaria cretacea Fisch. ex Spreng., Zygophyllum pinnatum, Limonium cretaceum Tscherkasova,Echinops meyeri (DC) Iljin.In populations, 6 species (30%) were found in the chalky soil mountains ofAkshatau, 4 species (21%) in the Bestau chalky mountain chains (21%) and 5 species (23.8%) in thechalky soils of Ishkaragantau. Also on the territories of the populations, optional calcephytes that cangrow on other substrateshave been identified; in the 1st population, 14 species adapted (70%), in the2nd population – 15 species (79%) and in the 3rd population – 16 species (76.2%).Key words: Anthemis trotzkiana Claus, population, plant life forms, ecological types, сalcephyte.
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ӘМЕТОВ Ә.Ә., БИЛКЕНОВА А.З.,, Избастина К.С., Курманбаева М.С., Молдақарызова А.Ж., Базаргалиева А.А.,. Analysis of the ecological-cenotic adaptation of Anthemis trotzkiana Clauspopulations. Eurasian Journal of Ecology, [S.l.], v. 57, n. 4, p. 70-80, feb. 2019. ISSN 2617-7358. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 24 apr. 2019.