The relevance of research of regeneration peculiarities in tension of tissues distension

  • B. K. Nurmashev South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy
  • M. M. Yessirkepov South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy
  • A. A. Burabaev South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy


The article shows the importance of studying the regeneration of features at a tensile stress of tissues. The article shows the perspective of this study, the results of which will reveal the underlying mechanisms of the regeneration process at a tensile stress, in particular, and reduction reactions of the organism as a whole, and give sufficient theoretical material to justify the creation of drugs for the treatment of various pathological conditions. Deeper and more detailed study, and further, the management of these processes will create a theoretical background for the preparation of medicaments for the treatment of many diseases, including the aging, we also believe pathology of the whole organism.


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tissues; distension; regeneration; healing of wounds