Ecological characteristics Morfobiologichesky Chipper Syrdarinskogo pool

  • Сaпaргaлиевa Н.С., Кожaбaевa Э.Б., Мaмилов Н.Ш Institute of Biology and Biotechnology, Kazakhstan, Almaty


Golden spined loach belongs to the genus Cobitis family Cobitidae order Cypriniformes, it is a native fish fauna of Kazakhstan. Systematic positionspined loach, living on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is notdefined. Currently, aboriginal fish fauna of our country feel the press fromalien species. In this connection, the aim of the research was to study themorphology and biology golden spined loach found from the river Karashikand river Shayan Syr Darya basin. Morphological studies were conducted on33 and 4 plastic meristic characters. Results of the study golden spined loachSyr Darya basin showed the following: spined length was – from 39.51 mmto 64.32 mm, with an average of 53 mm. Weight of fish varied from 0,27g,to 1, 34 g, on average 0.545 g. The results show a decrease in body lengthand weight of the Aral golden spined loach. The studied fish presented sexually mature and juvenile stage individuals. The studied specimens from tworeservoirs golden spined loach different shape and location of spots on thebody. All specimens were dark patches of different shapes and sizes locatedon the back, on the sides of the body at the base of the caudal fin on thedorsal and caudal fins. The data show the diversity of the external morphology, color Aral golden spined loach from different bodies of water, whichindicates that an individual environmental variability of this species from theSyr Darya basin in many morphological featuresKey words: Aral golden spined loach, Syr darya basin, morphology,biology, analysis, stage of development, the egg.
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