he order of submission and requirements for the article

        For publication, a material previously unpublished by the author (authors) corresponding to the journal / journal profile in Russian, Kazakh or English languages ​​is accepted for publication.

When the article is received in the journal with the author (with the authors) - a foreign citizen, an Agreement is concluded on the publication of articles in scientific journals in the publishing house "Kazakh University" at the RSE on PHV of the KazNU. al-Farabi (ANNEX 3). The contract, posted on the journal's website, is completed and signed by the author (s). Further the contract with the manuscript and other materials in the scanned form is sent by e-mail to the editorial office of the journal with the article. APPENDIX 3.docx

The following materials should be sent to the editor by e-mail: the manuscript of the article in electronic format: in the Word editor (with the extension * .rtf or * .doc) and in pdf format with the author's signature (s) on the last page; The author's application for publication in the journal (APPENDIX 1.doc), signed by the author (s), in pdf format. To the manuscript, undergraduates, graduate students and applicants additionally present an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department, certified in the dean's office and the head of the topic. After the article is accepted, a scanned receipt for payment for publication in pdf format is sent by e-mail. Requisites of the university are indicated in the ANNEX 5.doc.

All documents can be submitted in paper form, and the article on electronic media, by mail or directly to the responsible secretary.

The author of the article may additionally submit a review of an independent specialist on his manuscript.

E-mail is used at all stages of working with manuscripts and communicating with authors.

If the article does not meet the requirements, the editorial board has the right to reject it.

The payment for the publication is done on a page-by-page basis in accordance with the approved price list for publication in the scientific journals of KazNUIM al-Farabi given in APPENDIX 4.doc.

In case of payment for the issue of the journal by the organization (legal entity), the account is paid after the fact. Discounts for the Research Institute of the University.

The text should correspond to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements described in the authors' guide.