Eurasian Journal of Ecology (EJE)

Publishing house: “Qazaq University”

Print ISSN: 1563-034X, online ISSN 2617-7358

An updated version of the journal called “Eurasian Journal of Ecology” began to be published in 2017. The archive contains all the numbers of the updated version.

The Language of the journal: Kazakh, Russian, English

It is included in the list of publications recommended by the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Eurasian Journal of Ecology is a peer-reviewed, permanently free for everyone to read and download. Open Access journal that publishes original research as well as review articles in all areas of ecological sciences. The fields covered include: environmental impact of anthropogenic factors and environmental protection, assessment of environmental pollution on biota and health, actual problems of biodiversity conservation. The journal aims to provide a comprehensive representation and results of cutting-edge research in the fields of natural resources and ecology. The journal is intended for scientists, teachers, doctoral students and students of various specialties, showing a scientific interest in environmental problems and environmental protection.