Analysis of biodiversity of vascular plants of the Baum grove of Almaty

  • Sadyrova G. A Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty,


The article provides an analysis of the biodiversity of the flora of Baum grove in Almaty. In the Baumgrove, we identified 122 species of plants belonging to 93 genera and 43 families. Of the 122 species,43 species are trees, 16 species are shrubs and 63 species are herbaceous plants. Analysis of the leadingfamilies of the entire flora of the Baum grove showed that the largest families are: Asteraceae, Rosaceae,Poaceae, Fabaceae, Aceraceae, Oleaceae, Brassicaceae, Pinaceae, Ulmaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Cupressaceae and Salicaceae. Analysis of the largest genera of the entire flora of the grove showed that thelargest genera of the grove are: Acer, Fraxinus, Ulmus and Artemisia. Of the 59 tree-shrub species foundin the grove, 22 species represent the local natural flora of Kazakhstan, which belong to 14 families and20 genera. The remaining 37 species are introduced species belonging to 21 families and 28 genera. Theintroducents found in trees and shrubs in the grove of the Baum Grove in Almaty have different centersof origin. Among the trees and shrubs introduced, most of all in the Baum Grove are species from NorthAmerica and the Palearctic. The analysis of the taxonomic structure showed the absence in the Baumgrove of Almaty of lycopodiales, equisetums and ferns.Key words: Baum grove, biodiversity, flora, Almaty city
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