Content of heavy metals in plants growing on the territory of influence of emissions of the Reider zinc factory

  • Сарқулова Ж.С., Козыбаева Ф.Е. U. Uspanov Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Kazakhstan, Almaty


The study of pollution of plants growing in the areas of emissions from industrial enterprises ofnon-ferrous metallurgy is relevant, since the heavy metals in the soil-plant-animal chain fall into humanorgans, causing diseases with serious consequences. The aim of the study is to identify and assess thepollution of soil and plants by emission components of a zinc plant.The sources of pollution, the zones of influence of the emissions of the zinc plant in the city of Ridder in the EKO, the distribution area of pollutants were determined, the state of the soil and vegetationcover, the territories around the zinc plant. Studies have shown a negative impact on soil and vegetation cover. The surface of the soil over a large area is devoid of vegetation. Analytical data allowed to determine the content of heavy metals in the soil, both gross and mobile forms. Priority elements of pollution are zinc, lead, copper and cadmium. Concentrations of heavy metals in the soil exceed the MACfor both gross and mobile forms. The accumulation and distribution of heavy metals in the vegetativeparts of trees and shrubs is different. The negative impact of plant emissions on the vegetation cover ismanifested by the presence of scant vegetation with curtains, preserved individual individuals of willowand fallen specimens, and the lack of vegetation in significant areas. The vast majority of plants are ina depressed state. Under the influence of toxic emissions on the leaves, burns are formed, shrinkage ofbranches and axial shoots of crops is observed, vegetative and generative development is weakened.Key words: pollution, erosion processes, heavy metals, accumulation, migration
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Ф.Е., Сарқулова Ж.С., Козыбаева. Content of heavy metals in plants growing on the territory of influence of emissions of the Reider zinc factory. Eurasian Journal of Ecology, [S.l.], v. 58, n. 1, p. 61-73, apr. 2019. ISSN 2617-7358. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 june 2019.